How to find a specific podcast

There are a few ways you can discover new podcasts on Podcast Chart. 


Use the search box on the top-right of the website. 


You can click any of the category names on the left-hand-side of the  homepage to be taken to a list of the biggest podcasts in that category. 

When browsing the charts you'll notice featured podcasts and episodes. We bring these to your attention as they contain some standout shows. 


So you don't have to search the site for your preferred podcasts every time you visit, we have a follow function. 

Click the Follow button on any podcast or episode page to do this. 

When you click your username (next to the searchbox) you'll be taken to your newsfeed. 

Your newsfeed shows you when new episodes of your podcasts become available, and you'll also see a list of every podcast you follow on the right. 

Happy listening! 

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