Podcast Minute - Standards Policy

Podcast Minute is designed to help podcasters find new listeners, including people who have never engaged with a podcast before. 

If you are a podcaster who plans to send audio for inclusion on Podcast Minute, please take a moment to review the following Standards Policy.


We believe in freedom of speech, including the right to create and distribute audio content that is not of itself illegal. 

Inclusion of any content within Podcast Minute does not equal endorsement. 

We reserve the right to decline content supplied to us for any reason whatsoever, including:

- Illegal 

- Hate 

- Criminal 

We also reserve the right not to publish audio for purposes of: 

- Maintainence of standards in audio quality

- Editorial constraints 

Please note we will not discuss the reason or reasons for non-inclusion. 


We respect you as a creator, and we respect your time. If audio you supply to us is not suitable for any reason, we will inform you as a priority and encourage you to submit audio that concurs with this policy at any time.  

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